Automate Your PC with SendKeys.NET

Finally, a Macro you can integrate into a simple Batch File! Automation with Batch!

SendKey.NET is a simple Freeware Automation Tool that can easily be called from any programming language, that is including a Batch File. Simply call the program followed by the desired output.

Sample Computer Automation Batch File:

@echo off
start notepad.exe
SendKeys Hello World!{enter}

Automating your PC is that simple!

It's perfect for install scripts where pesky pop up windows require acknowledgment or extra information.

It's perfect for automating daily tedious tasks at work.

It's perfect for just about any computer task!


Why use SendKeys.NET? There are plenty of other automation programs just like it out there, right? Wrong. SendKeys.NET is a simple tool that you can integrate directly into your favorite programming or scripting language. There is no need to learn anything new. This program even provides batch files with a simple method of calling for keyboard automation.

Why not AutoIT? AutoIT is a great automation language, but SendKeys.NET is not a language. It is a tool that you can plug into a language you already know, like Batch Files. It also allows for on the fly changes to your code. There is no need to compile anything. Simply send the SendKeys.NET executable with the code and it is sure to work.

Why not VBScript? VBscript is a powerful language for automating a computer. However, it is a scripting language, and it is more difficult to learn than SendKeys.NET. If you already know Batch or another language, there is nothing new to learn with SendKeys.NET. Simply integrate SendKeys.NET into your scripts and you are set to go.


The macro program comes included with a keywords table list for special keys. Just run the program by itself in a command prompt and it will display the list.

The zipped file also includes a batch file that lists the keywords.